Everyone Needs A Little Help

1DOS stands for 1 Degree of Separation - as in, you are always 1 degree of separation from someone who can help you achieve your goals and dreams.

I would love to get healthy, but I can’t afford it. 

Those gym memberships are just so expensive. 

Who can afford fresh produce?  

I guess I could do ok if I had people pushing me along but how can I? 

It all costs money and I am barely paying my bills as it is.

How many times do we hear this or experience it first hand?  It is the definition of achieving good health based on the affordability of tools.  The truth is, we can't afford NOT to be healthy.

The average health care costs of obesity alone (as estimated by the CDC) were $147 billion in 2008, and a decade has passed since then with costs increasing steadily.

Employers also reported to the CDC a $3.38 billion dollar loss annually in the US secondary to absenteeism due to obesity related illness.

This says nothing of the personal out-of-pocket expenses related to obesity, like doctor co-pays and prescription drugs - which average $1360 annually and an additional $1046 for smokers (as reported recently by Health Day).

Here is the issue.  We all realize it would be better all around if people were able to lose the weight and be healthy.  However, for the individual starting out, it is financially difficult to take on the tools necessary to be healthy while still paying for necessary obesity related medications and health care.

The 1DOS Foundation seeks to fill this gap.  It is our intention to sponsor individuals looking to be healthy but without the means.  Starting January 1, 2019, we seek to provide a Fitness Scholarship to individuals for a period of 12 months with gym membership, dietitian services, healthy food vouchers, and individual and group style coaching.

It is the hope that our candidates can begin to eliminate obesity-related expenses and ultimately take on their own life in a much healthier way.

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