UPDATE! Scholarship Recipient, 2021

Update from Mary

We could not be more proud of Mary and everything she has accomplished. We know she's not done, and we can't wait to see what comes next!

We asked Mary to recap her feelings about her year on scholarship and what it meant for her; this is what she wrote:

When I first applied for the scholarship it took several months for me to actually send it. I kept thinking that there was someone who deserved it more than I did. Turns out there wasn’t. When they say, “You’ve got this! We’ve got you!” They really mean it. They’ve been supporting me in more ways than just financially through my goals of finishing one half marathon to completing three. Two years ago I don’t think I even would have tried.

Being given this sponsorship has made me feel like I was worth the effort. Worth the effort of the foundation and worth the effort I’ve put forth to better myself. They have been my light many times when I couldn’t see myself in the dark, and It has snowballed for me into improving my mental health. I was scared of feeling broken because of my depression, but I’ve learned I can’t heal my body until I heal my mind. I am also learning not to let numbers control me as much. My ultimate goal has always been just to be the best version of myself and I know that I couldn’t have done it without them. I am a work (actually a masterpiece) in progress. My story is not over, and if I can inspire anyone to do more to be healthy then I have succeeded.

Honestly, this is what we want the scholarships to be about. This is humbling to read.

Mary is the epitome of what 1DOS wants to be - she doesn't know the half of what she truly can be, but she's working hard on it!

Here's the original page with her story as it went. We have added pictures from her 3rd half marathon of 2021, the Route 66 in Tulsa. 3!!!

Mary, we are proud of you and have loved being on this journey with you!

So - who's next?

Who do you know who needs to find their way, become their best self? The new year is behind us. Resolutions are starting to fade. Now is not the time to stop - it's the time to reset and make the permanent change!

Maybe it's you, maybe a friend or loved one? We are looking for candidates wherever. We worked with Mary remotely. We have strong bases in the New York Capital Region and the Kansas City metro.

Want to learn more about the Fitness Scholarship? Let us know who you are.

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