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The Richard’s Racers scholarship fund is specifically to assist recipients face their first race challenges. Whether it’s your first 5k, your first half, or first ultra – this fund is designed to minimize the financial limits that might keep you from your goal.

Captain Richard Koelle served in Vietnam, flying forward observer missions for fire support among other duties. During this tour, he earned a Bronze Star and an Air Medal. While stationed with the Pershing missiles in West Germany, he joined several Volksmarches (5k and 10k walks) with his young family.

Already an avid cyclist and runner, this dedication and drive for fitness paid off as he earned his paratrooper wings with the 82nd Airborne, and finally his Ranger badge.

While stationed at Fort Bragg, Richard lived off base with his wife and young children, Monica and Karl (age 3). Cycling to the base in January 1975, he was struck by a car and killed instantly.

Years later, Karl discovered his own love for running and fitness. To honor Captain Koelle, this scholarship was created to encourage new runners to push and challenge themselves.

How Does It Work?

Apply for a scholarship using this form! Please fill out the information completely – the more background we have, the better.

Our intention is to cover all or part of race fees for your first 5k, 10k, half, Spartan – whatever the race! We want you to challenge yourself with a big, hairy goal and go get it without worrying about the cost.

3 generations of Koelle men - Delbert, Richard, and Karl 3 generations of Koelle men – Delbert, Richard, and Karl Captain Rich with Monica and Karl, Germany Captain Rich with Monica and Karl, Germany

How Can I Help?

You can donate to our general fund, or directly to the Richard’s Racers Scholarship Fund.  This button has an option which allows you to send directly to the Fund.

Thank you for considering a donation! 1DOS Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 public charity, and all contributions to Richard’s Racers are fully tax deductible.