Richard’s Racers helps make a Trifecta possible

In addition to helping Scott with his treatment, we also raised money through the “Richard’s Racers” branch of our 1DOS Foundation to send one of our hard-working sharks to finish the 2019 Spartan Racing season with her first Trifecta.

Racing is a big part of what we do at Team 1DOS – from participating in Spartan Races, 5k and 10k, half and full marathons, Ragnar relays, and anything that seems like a crazy challenge, the sharks are up for it! We see the race as the “big hairy goal” we set for ourselves, proving out the hard work and training we’ve done to prepare.

The Trifecta is completing each of the 3 distances Spartan offers in one calendar year; the Sprint (3 miles + 20 obstacles), the Super (6 miles + 25 obstacles), and the Beast (13 miles + 30 obstacles). In 2019, Amy Garner had completed her Sprint and been pulled off the course with a mile to go at the Chicago Super (lightning storm).

She finished another Super, but wasn’t done yet. With time running out on the year, we helped cover a portion of the costs to get her to Florida in December 2019 for the last Beast of the year. Just like we knew she would, Amy pushed through and finished her Trifecta. And, because we’re not just about money, fellow Shark Diane Ellis joined her in Florida for the race – finishing Diane’s second Trifecta of 2019!!