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Karl Koelle                                           FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 5/22/19 1DOS Foundation

1DOS Foundation Changes Lives

Health and Wellness Organization Celebrates IRS Approval

Olathe, KS: Today, 1DOS Foundation, a health and wellness organization specializing in helping people who cannot afford the expenses that go along with a fitness journey, announced that they have been approved as a 501(c)3 public charity by the Internal Revenue Service.

Having already sponsored racers, gym memberships, dietitian services, and healthy food alternatives for multiple recipients, 1DOS is proud to now be recognized as a nonprofit organization. With plans to add more beneficiaries in their two operational areas in the near future, they continue to make a difference in their local communities (Albany NY region and Kansas City metro).

1DOS stands for 1 Degree of Separation – you are only one degree from someone who can help you reach your goals! 1DOS Foundation was founded by Amy Summers (in Niskayuna, NY) and Karl Koelle (based in Kansas City). While losing almost 100 pounds each on their own fitness journeys, they formed an online support group in 2016, now with over 300 members. Through this process, the pair realized this was more than an emotional support issue for some members. This led to a refocus on the financial side of the journey, and the foundation launch in 2018.

About the approval, Foundation CEO Amy Summers said, “Our goal has always been to provide the emotional and monetary support our beneficiaries need, helping them to bridge the financial gap while they change their lifestyle and focus on getting healthy. They may not be able to afford their journey – but they cannot afford NOT to do it. Being approved as a 501(c)3 will help us reach even more people. We currently have one fully funded beneficiary, as well as several partial recipients – and are looking to add more!”

For Deana Novak of Waterford, New York, this was literally a life or death issue. Told by doctors she would not live to see her children grow up without making changes, she sought the help of the foundation. After the first 30 days of her year-long fitness scholarship, Deana has lost 11 pounds and 12 inches. She is now running 2 minute blocks at a 12 minute pace, where before she carried a 22 minute pace. Deana will be running her first 5k on June 1, the Freihofer’s Run for Women in Albany, NY.

Deana said, “The 1DOS sponsorship has not only given me the opportunity and tools to a healthier lifestyle but it has also given me the ability to believe in myself. It’s given me an amazing support system, friends that will push you to succeed instead of hoping you fail. I have found the strength that has always been inside of me, but I was too afraid to see. The foundation has handed me the reigns back to my life, for me to control.”

US healthcare costs resulting from obesity range from $147 billion to $210 billion annually. A recent Cornell University study estimates that obesity-related expenses are responsible for 7.91% of annual household health care expenses. That does not include the costs of gyms and healthy food choices.

1DOS Foundation works to help beneficiaries create real change in their lives and reduce those expenses. When the desire to change is there, the foundation refuses to let money be the obstacle.

In the Albany/Niskayuna area, Amy Summers and Deana Novak are both available for interviews, video of workouts, and other questions.  In the Kansas City/Olathe area, Karl Koelle is available for the same.