Pandemic Pushback Challenge

Let’s keep it real: it’s been a rough two years.  Lockdowns, gym closures, work from home, furloughs, half reopenings, new surges, new lockdowns…….

The past two years have been disorienting at best.  Where did it leave you with your goals?  Where have the routines gone?  I’m sure this answer is different for everyone.

At 1DOS, it has left us essentially on pause.  Well, that pause is now over!

With that we are offering a three week team challenge to get everyone reset and working toward their goals again as we emerge from the pandemic as one mighty shark shiver.

This challenge has it all.  Goal-setting, challenges of the body, mind, and spirit - and a little friendly competition along the way.

Your entry will get you the specially branded tools to participate in the physical challenges, three weeks of goal-setting, solid coaching, and the opportunity to be part of a supportive community that truly cares about your post-pandemic health.  Let’s do this together!

We start Monday, April 4 and go to Sunday, April 24.