Join the Lezak Pack!

The pandemic has been tough for a lot of folks, that's for sure. Sometimes, we hear a story that changes our perspective.

The Lezaks are a vibrant couple. Outgoing, active, caring - this family is always on the move. Life had some speed bumps in their path, though. Kal and Bethany have both experienced hospital stays as a result of covid-related prolonged illness. Kal is working his physical therapy and they are making accessibility updates to their home.

Their beloved fur babies are always by their sides. They know the Lezak family motto is true:

It's always something.

Even when the future looks cloudy, this foursome keeps smiling and living their best lives. Don't think for a minute they will ever stop being who they are!

This is your chance to help. How? Well, for starters, don't throw away your most precious resource - time. Tell your loved ones how important they are to you. Plan the trip. Make the call. Run the race. Take the leap.

If you do that, you are winning already. If you are in a position to help this amazing family, that would be most appreciated too. Anything helps. If you donate $20, we will send you this travel mug so you can enjoy it on your next adventure!

Target for delivering the mugs is early September. Donations encouraged by August 21.

1DOS Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization. All proceeds will go directly to the Lezaks to help cover medical expenses. A portion of the donation is tax-deductible for you.