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Killington Spartan 0

Killington Spartan

The original Beast – Killington is the monster course of your dreams (nightmares??).

Indiana Spartan Beast Weekend 0

Indiana Spartan Beast Weekend

They call it Chicago, we know it’s really Attica, IN halfway between the Windy City and Naptown (Indianapolis).

Chicago Spartan Super and 1DOS convention 0

Chicago Spartan Super and 1DOS convention

The one that started it all – the 1DOS racing team will return to Chicago (well, Richmond IL really…) for Spartan racing and fellowship. Newbies, vets, all running together.

Spartan Boston 0

Spartan Boston

Shark legend Scott Katzenmeyer returns to the scene of the crime – his first ever Spartan in 2018.

Spartan Citi Field 0

Spartan Citi Field

Spartan invades Citi Field, and our own Brian Taft goes for his first Spartan! AROO!!!

Groundhog Run 0

Groundhog Run

Running through the caves in Kansas City. Sharks in attendance include Karl Koelle, Nell, Angie, Stephanie and more!