Who We Are

Karl Amy hair

What In The World?

Amy Summers and Karl Koelle became friends in college.  After leaving Iowa City, they each went their own way but remained in touch.  After years of trying various diets and options, Amy found something that worked – she believed in herself.  She started to get fit, lose weight and keep it off.

Karl was living in Kansas City and came to his own realization.  Looking for a jump start, he started talking to his old friend and he found it.  This picture was taken after our first Spartan race in 2017.  8 miles of mud and determination that changed both of our lives…

Our Approach

Where We Came From

As we got ourselves stronger, others were drawn in by the success they were seeing.  At first there were two, then four, then more and more 1DOS sharks.  Now there are more than 350 members of our group, and we are growing fast.

We discovered that as much as we loved improving ourselves, watching others set crazy goals and smash them was what really lit our fires.

Our Story

The Founders

We certainly are not alone, but we were the first ones here.  Driving the Foundation forward has become our calling, and we look forward to working with you.


Amy Summers

Founder & CEO

Amy is a Nurse Practitioner and mother of five, working two jobs and still making time for herself.  Helping others challenge themselves is her passion, and her mantra is “progress, not perfection.”

After a lifetime of diets, weight loss surgery, trying everything under the sun, she found the answer – healthy diet and exercise.  Now down 100 pounds, she works to help others reach their goals.


Read her stories at https://fatheartfitgirl.blogspot.com/.


Karl Koelle

Founder & Treasurer

In April 2016, Karl weighed in at 323.  After losing 95 pounds in a year, he has completed two Spartan trifectas, multiple 10Ks, two half marathons, and a 200 mile Ragnar relay.

He hopes to help others realize they truly can achieve whatever they strive for!


Read his stories at www.karlkoelle.com/blog.

I’d Like to Help!!

We are always in need of more sharks.  You can help us help others by volunteering your miles at your next race, or more directly at the button below.