2020 We Thought You Said “Rum”

Time to get back in the swing of things!  The “I Thought You Said Rum” Challenge is back for a fourth year starting July 5 through the 26th.  This is a straight up intentional mile team challenge*. You will be placed on a team and earn points for reaching your goals each week. Bonus points will be awarded for going over your goal.  Team with the most points wins!

1DOS Foundation understands the impacts of the pandemic - it has affected us all physically, emotionally, and financially at varying levels.  Respecting that, we are making this year's Rum challenge a "you choose the value" project.  Anyone is welcome to join - and we mean anyone!  Bring your friends, your neighbors, whoever is looking to get or keep moving.  Pay what you can, even if that is $0.  We are wanting to get ourselves and our Shiver up and moving; that is our priority!

All proceeds will go to The 1DOS Foundation to sponsor "fitness scholarships" as well as continued support of race fees for those wishing to run their goal race, but cannot afford it.  Come join us!

*Intentional miles - running, walking, biking (3:1 conversion), swimming (1:3 conversion), stepper, elliptical - all of these count. Daily non-exercise steps are great for you - but they don't count for the challenge.

Join us here and get yourself moving!