2019 Tiburon Titan January Challenge

Welcome to the Tiburon Titan Challenge. As most of you know The 1DOS Foundation has selected our very first Tiburon Titan. Starting Jan 1, we will fully fund the wellness journey of Michele Harris for 12 months!

We are giving her a year of Orange Theory, food stipends and dietitian support. She will receive access to all of our challenges and the Ladies’ “Wine Me Up and Watch Me Go” retreat weekend.

Michele has been busy setting her goals for January. In this team challenge we will all work Michele’s goals right along side her plus some of our own to earn points for our teams.

The proceeds from the challenge will go toward future sponsorships with our goal of selecting a second Tiburon Titan in March. What will you receive? For 1 dollar per day**, you get five weeks of fierce competition and a cool Tiburon Titan long sleeve shirt. Let’s get healthy in 2019!!!

**$2 additional for 2XL sizes